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"DI"is used as a preposition in Italian: “belong. . . . Of",

"about. . . . Of",


"by. . . . Composition",

"composed of",

part of the meaning,

and has a connecting effect.

Each of our living bodies lives in such an interrelated and subordinate relationship, and because of this relationship, such life rules are constructed on our planet,From small to large, from simple to complicated, people never stop depicting it with their lives, nor have they escaped from such relationships,This is deep-rooted, whether it is conscious emphasis or unconscious behavior, we use it all the time.For example, at this moment I am using this relationship to try to make everyone understand such a topic——“Rethinking life",, And "di collection" is such a language that uses shoe design, expressing and discussing around the theme of "re-examination of life",And the story behind it (di collection) is sprouting in the sunshine after the spring rain—— The brain disease that broke out came to an ordinary family without aura,

The sick male protagonist is suffering from encephalopathy, at this time, he said those strange words:“He saw a group of football players kicking his brain with great pleasure “ “The 50-year-old brain is dead. Don't worry, my dear family and friends, I will be resurrected at dawn and never die."At this moment, the woman who has a subordinate relationship with the sick male protagonist——His sister”di”.

She (di) is struggling to find all seemingly impossible ways to maintain his life. At the same time, the overdraft of "brainstorming" is because she needs to do her best to support the whole family.

And the boy who was part of di 30 years ago,Now also grown up,After all this, he began to rethink the meaning of life, and he used those materials with life symbols (python skin, pony skin, silicone (silicon-based life)) to try to create new "life" and use this Way to commemorate this man and that woman. . . . .

As for other people, they still live in their ordinary lives and participate directly or indirectly in this story, complicating the relationship. . . . . . . And continue. . . . . Form a new future. . . .​​​

DI COLLECTION: Illustrations
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