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Those classic basic shoes  are just you, me, he passed by in a hurry every day ,This means that similar experiences are only repeated,Belts stolen from other people's closets can easily make you unable to move,Whether it is physical or psychological,This is the best excuse to use these stolen belts,So he sat in black and narrated with salty leather“the tears will appear in the dark after drying out”,
And she stands in front of the blood red and Naturally creates the effect of "accidents“the blood will bloom from the scars”
We still silently draw every scream behind the flesh color“the bruise will only stay on the super superficial  surface.”
how do you feel?
Print the portrait of the occasion on the sole of the shoe in a metaphorical way,Because we are still non-stop and powerful, taking every ordinary step,Every step is a precise step on our faces,Until that face disappears into the future,The shoe that represents you, and the most common pain, slowly become a homophonic“ do (du) ”and repeat daily and nightly in the ear.
Finally, based on intolerance, suddenly on such a dull day
Those new leather shoes with open teeth and claws were born one after another, with rebellious emotions,Started their unusual life

DU COLLECTION: Illustrations
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